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Life is better with a shared vision. Our passion is to use data and analytics to build clear visions of what is possible. We love challenging ourselves by creating the right solutions for each customer and each need. Whether as customer, partner, or staff - join with us to build vision and clarity together. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Francis McGregor-Macdonald

Chief Analytics Officer

I am a results-driven consulting leader with extensive experience working with high-profile organisations in Europe, Asia and New Zealand. I love the challenge of creating and delivering multi-channel consumer solutions which enable businesses to make better, evidence-based decisions, expand market penetration and sales, and transform the way they do business. I am responsible for technical excellence, analytics strategies and keeping Webranz at the edge of what is possible in the digital and data space.

Alex Waleczek

Senior Business Analytics Consultant

I am a hands on data analyst with a background in development, business analysis and project management. My experience working in international and intercultural teams in Germany, Chile, China, Australia and New Zealand helps me to easily adapt to different situations and team set ups. My natural curiosity pushes me to find innovative solutions and with my structured approach I implement these in robust and reliable ways, reducing the burden of maintenance.

Karl Maire

System Administrator

I am an IT professional with an extensive background in development, engineering and system administration.  Also a self-professed geek, who enjoys spending time studying hardware, software or even a newly released game to understand how they work and find ways to improve them. 

At Webranz I support and maintain the innovative business analytics and BI solutions delivered to Webranz clients and the Webranz systems developed to deliver our services.

I am a voracious reader and, in my spare time will usually be found with my multitude of pets or in my study tinkering with some odd thing I have come across.

Malcolm Humphries

Senior Business Analytics Consultant

I am probably now classed as an IT veteran so bring the wealth of experiences I have accumulated throughout my career to help clients architect and design new solutions. New technologies such as in-memory computing, cloud computing, machine learning and the IoT, still excite me and I enjoy being able to bring the best of these into solutions that help improve businesses through the use of data and information.

I consider myself to be a large organisation specialist having worked with some of New Zealand’s largest corporates. I am well acquainted with the business models and complexities of these large organisations as well as with the enterprise systems they typically use to support their businesses. I am a Finance person by training and have always enjoyed working with complex financial modelling solutions.

I love working with new customers, understanding their specific businesses and working with them to find ways to make real improvements.

Peter Guo

Business Analytics Consultant

I am a data scientist with a strong background in data analytics, programming and mathematical modelling. Currently, I build ETL, database and reporting solutions for our clients. I have a keen interest in finding ways to improve business processes using algorithmic methods such as machine learning, operations research and automation. If you're wondering whether your business can benefit from these technologies, I'd love to have a chat!

Marty Behrens

Director and Founder

Building a global analytics consultancy from New Zealand has been an exhilarating challenge. From my new base in California, I continue to help drive innovation and powerful partnerships for Webranz and for our clients.

The world of analytics and data is growing remarkably fast. One of my key roles has been to ensure that Webranz continues to be a thought leader and that we maintain and expand our global networks. We deliver global leadership and sound advice to our clients and partners anywhere.